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Just wanted to quote the word “creativity” because it seems that our singers are confused about the meaning of it.


cre·a·tiv·i·ty- –noun 1.the ability to create meaningful new ideas,forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality,progressiveness, or imagination: the need for creativity inmodern industry; creativity in the performing arts.


Note: Badkadi is made for entertainment purpose only! 

I am 6’6 and about 250 lbs, part time nerd, full time bodybuilder (in case you were thinking of jumping me somewhere). The reason why this website was made is because I am sick of these stupid Afghan music  videos that I see on TV everyday. Our music industry hasn’t changed since the Taliban took over, same fucking songs playing on TV all day errrrrrrr day by different namoonas. There is no creativity in their work whatsoever, they think singing another “Qataghani or “Qarsak”  makes them talented. I know how you feel about yourself dancing with white hoes in a garage with your ugly-ass sun glasses but that is not how everyone thinks about you. Personally, I think you look like a turd whose ego is floating above your head.

Since you are embarrassing yourself to thousands, at least have some self respect for yourself. You know that I know that Everyone knows that in reality you don’t own a mansion or nice cars so stop acting like you are a “baller”… and those girls that you pay to act interested in you is just horrible! With that face and style of yours, I bet my cat’s life that you can’t get them in real life. There are exceptions that actually make great songs and have the talent to make something decent, but majority of the singers suck as you know.

This shit is getting out of hand! YOU do not need to support everything just because “they are your Afghans”, fuck that! They are ruining the music industry with their bullshit copied songs. It is 2012  and we are still singing QATAGHANI songs for fucks sake.  Our songs are like softwares, there is always a new version coming out. I bet you anything that you will be seeing a few Qataghani songs in the coming year.. mark my words.

This website will not be just about Music reviews, It will be a mix of everything as you can see some of the contents. I don’t know what this website is going to turn out in the future, but I can tell you that it will be around for sometime.

What can you do to help this website grow? 

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