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Are Afghans Going Full Retard?

This was submitted by an anonymous girl and this post hurt my feelings… kinda. She is making a good point though. I agree with her. What do you guys think? 

– Badkadi

Beautified for those who disbelieve is the life of this world, and they ridicule those who believe. But those who fear Allah are above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allah gives provision to whom He wills without account. (Al-Baqarah 2:212)

So let’s get something straight. You’re staring at this screen to be entertained with the usual gossip that makes you feel good about yourself in regards to the other crazy Afghans out there. But have you stopped and thought why you have this sense of superiority and cultural arrogance? You cannot honestly believe that you are better than another fellow afghan…it’s like a fob saying to another fob I’m not a fob. It still applies to those of us who are born outside of the Motherland, because being a “fob” is a state of mind. Now let’s look at the definition of a fob, it identifies according to the Urban Dictionary those who are Fresh Off the Boat. Now, there are many categories of such newly landed immigrants, but I must tell ya…the Afghan brand beats all. So now back to the crux of the matter, what does being a fob have to do with anything and why should I care? Legit question you had in mind so here’s my complicated answer: Afghans are not simply ignorant, but their pomposity tends to mix up something really huge which is culture and religion. We mostly don’t assess the importance of this dilemma which has corrupted our communities and is the overbearing incompatible factor that won’t let peace take place between our comrades.

When matters are complicated and unclear people tend to distance themselves from the central issue, whatever it may be. So in this case, because of the unfortunate rule of the Taliban and the dominant presence of unsophisticated/uneducated mullahs, Afghans in general but especially the Afghan youth, escape any religious notion that might affect them. Its understandable that the shock and oppression forced upon Muslims back home might feed the fear of religious subjugation or what people like to call these days “backwardness.” However this is very absurd, since as a “normal” human you most probably have a functioning brain and you must have learned through life experiences and education to critically think. Well I’m sure all of you Afghans understand what I mean with your boiling hot blood and your opinionated minds. Every one of us can talk about religion and politics and the state of Palestine, but what do we do in our own lives to bring about change and reform? Teenagers and even most Afghan adults that are between the age range of 18-30 are ashamed of their religious identity and therefore want to dissimulate their self-hood as much as possible to seem more “integrated” and “liberal” in the Western secularist society…we call those people “wanna be’s.”

It is a shame I must say, since Islam is the binding factor and a prompt equation to solve all of our worldly problems. Many houses are in havoc with their young men and women going against their parents by dropping out of school, dressing the way they want, eloping from their homes, and most obviously drinking and consuming illicit substances. Why? Who’s fault is it that we are exhilarated and electrified to identify ourselves as “Afghans” but shy away from the title of Muslim? Islam is not an uncompromising authoritarian religion, its the exact opposite. We need to let go of our cultural lens to understand this concept. Women! It’s not about the length of your skirt or the proportion of skin your sleeves cover, don’t fool your parents nor yourselves. What’s wrong with just covering your body, nobody is asking you to wear a burqa or even the Hijab, just stop taunting your assets to your male counterparts. If a man wants you, he’ll come to you and believe me it wont be because of the tightness of your jeans that he’ll be trapped. Same goes for men, you guys are ridiculously macho and you think that clubbing your life away and building your tolerance to alcohol will get you all the female attention that you desperately need, and once your little adventure is over with and you’ve hit thirty, you will get yourself a freshly imported nice pretty religious Afghan lady who will breed your children and look after your bellies. Ughhh…that is the most ingenuous thought ever!

The time has come for an Afghan cultural revolution. You people wherever you may be located need to get your reading glasses on and start caring for matters that actually have significance and bear consequences. Stop being selfish therefore, stop becoming make-up artists and singers, all of that is cute, but if you only pushed yourself a little more and finished the books assigned to you at school you would do a great contribution to society. We need to understand and acknowledge our religious identity and cherish it. Our so called “culture” isn’t departing anywhere, but our time is ticking on this earth. Justice needs to be obtained in regards to human rights. Women and men need to understand their roles in society and take their responsibilities seriously. Domestic violence and misplaced severity on women is HARAM! This isn’t a simple feminist discourse, these are the issues that worsen our image as a country and denigrate our religious depiction. Ignorance is definitely a great bless, but humbling knowledge can bring you nirvana! If action is not taken right away to solve this religious hurdle, then we should not be surprised when the faith of the youth fade away. Many of you reading this will one day become a parent and although you seem blasé about it right now, when the time comes and you say “bachem etu nako bad hast ma Afghan astem” well your child is not going to think twice before laughing in your face. Kinda what your already doing with your “backward” thinking family members who give you unwanted advice.

Anyways, I ain’t a Mullah, but just tryna raise awareness, because I’m tired of bumping into white “wanna be” Afghans. Authenticity and intelligence are two elements that are becoming rare these days in our neighborhoods and that is seriously depressing.

Say, “Indeed, the death from which you flee – indeed, it will meet you. Then you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and He will inform you about what you used to do.” (Al-Jumu’ah 62:8)






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