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Afghans: why you should stop advertising for free.


Social media pages, please unite!

Here is a basic rundown of organizing an event.

  • -Organizer contacts a singer from another country
  • Visas’ will be bought for the entire team to travel abroad
  • The original organizers’ contact other organizers in different parts of the country for a licensing* tour to split the cost.  *Money made
  • Posters & promotional videos are made. *paid for
  • advertising is done by YOU for *Free: Priceless

If you have been following my page for awhile, you have probably noticed that I don’t advertise nor post concert posters for organizers because the organizers want me to promote their events for them and get a ‘thank you’ in return.I want you to realize your worth, your time and that you make up a big piece of a successful event. Without your free promotion, a lot of people won’t know about these events and thus the organizers will lose big chunks of money.

So I thought to myself, why the fuck should I do it for free for them when they pay hundreds of dollars to Facebook but not me? They have money when it comes to paying up facebook but they have ‘no money’ to pay you cause they aren’t making any money from the concerts that they organize every year? Does that excuse even make any sense? Who in their right mind would host concerts and lose money at the same time EVERY YEAR?

The fact of the matter is that there is money circulating in our “industry” but those who are making money aren’t willing to share a small piece of the pie with you(it’s an Afghan thing)cause they know that you will do it for free.However, Facebook doesn’t do it for free so they HAVE to pay them. You see what I am saying? Corner them and they will pay up.

If you’re spending endless hours on your page, why not use your time wisely and make some money on the side? Think about it.




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