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Arezo Nikbeen – “The Angel” lolzzz



Vait… Vait… Vait a minute?  Arezo “The Angel“?


You know Qiamat is close when you see arezo  khairnabin,  an Afghan “Angel” making songs that will put babies to sleep.  Why would you even call yourself  “The Angel”? You aren’t that pretty nor you can fly or some shit. … but the angel?? Dukthar plzzz! lmao


I am sorry, but I cannot see the genes on an angel on that face.  The closest resemblance I could think of  her dad and an angel having would be  the angel using his nose as the “Nai e azmonkar” (Angel’s trumpet) to make the dead rise on the day of judgement. I think even that would be heavy for the angel of death to carry that around in the sky. Nothing else is alike an angel…

Anyway, It is funny because for the longest time I thought they were a couple until I saw them on Kaka Asif’s show where they sang “padar Jan … I was like “Madar Tu pause ko! yak gelas chai parto ke e chi gad wadeest!” Why is the wife singing to her husband a Padar Jan song? What sorcery is this, I thought to myself?  That is when I discovered that they are actually father & daughter… thank god.

I can’t link to the exact  time where they sing, but skip to 17:51 and you would be like…






So lets move on to some analyzing…

arezonikbeen-bioso wait a minute! She has been taking singing seriously since the age of 7 and she still can’t sing? That is a flying fuck moment for me! How can you practice something seriously for that long and still sing like Farzana Naz? You are a joke. Apparently, her “Ay-padar jan” song got so popular that I can’t even find it on Youtube! or… she must have banned me from viewing that clip since she blocked my profile on Facebook! lol. She found out that I was coming for her so she banned me from her fan page. lmao
Amo ke mega ke “hazer e bezan ke shaash e ghair hazer bera… that is the case right now.” lmao.

So… I am sure you guys can see that there is nothing special about this girl. She has no singing talent nor she is comfortable on the stage. Yes, she is a little cute and that is the absolute reason why she is ‘known’ to some people. She is using her beauty as an advantage to make a name for herself. Don’t most of our female “artists” use their beauty for fame anyway?


I heard that Arezo nominated herself for ATN awards for a song that wasn’t even released yet. hahaha! What the hell is that?  I am sure it wasn’t the “song trailer” awards show. Speaking of that “Hala yaar” song, the trailer showed her on a modafakin boat, but the new release which sounds almost like the “la low la low” that Bebe Jan used to sing and put me to sleep is different… sup with that?!






If you feel like laughing, check out this clip by The Angel’s father… like… come on! Are you serious?








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4 Responses to Arezo Nikbeen – “The Angel” lolzzz

  1. most-afghans-are-fake says:

    you are making fake accusation agianst her and other afghan celebrities. the video titlet “arezo nikbin the Angel” it was not her who wrote that it is a fan of her who has done it. how do know that it was her who wrote that? that it was her who is calling herself arezo? you have no proof for what you are claiming. you are making fake against other other afghans because you are jealous of their lives, that they are better than you and that they are famous. you are not the only afghan who behaves like this 90% of afghans do this shitt talking bad about other afghans most of the time making them look bad making fake accusation against them. and also ruining for other afghans so they can’t have something good, or better than themselves.

  2. Ziggi says:

    The owner of this page deserves an oscar.. keep us entertained bro 👏🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  3. Daresh says:

    She had a nose job done! She shorted the length of her nose she her old videos! Also has ghazal enayat! Both got nose job done! By the way are I also had Botox and lip fillers and some eye lifting as she had very small eyes!

    What kind of ppl r they now? Full of plastic!

  4. Lulu says:

    Oh yes, arezo nikbin really had a nose job! OMG! she pretends to be the uniqu beauty! Full of surgery !
    Busted arezo nikbin! Nose job hahahahaha

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