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Bigg Boss 5 – House inmate No. 8, Vida Samadzai

Do you guys remember this girl?  

I don’t remember what year it was when she walked on the stage in bikini and shocked the whole nation even I was shocked when I saw the picture lol.. This thing was big, it was all over the news and people protested and threatend to kill her. anyway, she got herself into bollywood, I think she has a movie called ” runaway:love among gun shots”.  I am not into bollywood stuff, so I won’t be doing any research.  She is in the indian show Big boss anddd she isn’t bad looking now.. I would hollar at her.

 to watch the





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  1. Wes says:

    Man she was fugly back then though. I wonder what permission a girl needs to represent their country in a beauty comp? Somehow I doubt she got voted in or won some local comp. more like just showed up and hoped there was no1 else repping.

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