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Boohoo shabana, cry me a river so I can name it after you.

This is Shabana Mehryar’s response to the site. 

I also wanted to point out that Shabana keeps telling people about my music taste. I have “liked” Micheal Jackson’s and Aryana saeed’s page. It is obvious enough that she hates Aryana’s music cause she keeps talking about her.. It is ok khala jan, you can’t be like her. She can actually sing and tu wari bagh namezana hahaha… and her popularity seems to be killing you inside.. not to forget that she is young and pretty good looking too! 

oh, she also told me ke “aga mard asti kho khoda neshan bete” hahaha.. *nametom neshan, zor dari?* 



“Dear friends and fans,


as u may remember there have been uploaded two articles about me on a site called “BADKADI” in the past few month. As the content was really shocking, i decided to contact that site, to make sure whom is behind all this, and what system the responsibles are working with, so i went to the page and left my number with the message to call me back.
After may be a week or more, i got a call today. The first person on the phone didnt want to tell me his name, in his opinion its absolutely ok to upload articles about people he doesnt know and its ok to upload them even though the content is false or does harm anybody. I asked him how he would feel if somebody would use his sisters pic and invent a story about her and upload it on web. First he said he maight mind but may be even not, hmmmm then he told me, if i choose this business then it should be ok with, if this kind of things happen to me….!!!! I was just like “hell what business am i in, i thought i am a singer”
Really shocking to hear this from an afghan young guy who raised up in a western country. The further content of the convo i dont even want to talk about as it was at the level of the page, like no level!….



The second guy who called me some minutes later ofcourse without number again, didnt tell me his name aswell, but he was polite at first and apologized for the bad behavor of the first one. I explained him that the content which the article was about is nothing professional and its false so i just wanted him to explain me how he could write himselfe, that he did some researchs, and found out the story was true and so he decided to upload the article again, though i know its a lie… he had obviously no answer for this and hanged up the phone!


So the system of this page is like the first guy told me


– anybody can send anything about anyone, and they ll upload it
reason for this, as the second guy told me is “he has to think about his income”


most horrible about the whole thing he is telling me “i want to change the whole afghan communtity with his page, but he doesnt care about the reputation of an afghan girl or singer (i am not the only one they are writing about”



This is the rude one writing, you are creating all this fuss yourself and that tells me that there is something that you are hiding. I mean, why else would you be so worried about the “fake” articles as you claim they are? hm… it makes me wonder now… 😛




Anyway, you really think you are a singer? That is hilarious that you even think that. I know that you are proud that your parents are singers and everything, but I know truth hurts and sorry to break it to you, but your parents weren’t/aren’t good either. So why don’t you put that fake pride of yours on the side and talk some sense not bullshit. Whoever encouraged you to become a singer made a big mistake! you could’ve been something else rather than a wacky singer… sorry I mean a HORRIBLE singer. Stop saying that you are a singer, you aren’t even close to one. Tu khandan namekoni.. tu baghhh mezani haha. 




Don’t make it sound like I said inapproperiate things, you are just mad cause I told you straight up that you suck at singing. You are not used to being put in your place.. no hard feelings dukthar e khala. 😉    I am curious as to why you want to know our names so bad? you are not going to get some people to beat us up now, are you? haha Ooo you afghan girls are a bunch of smartie pants!  Oh, and we did tell you that we had two sources that CONFIRMED the story and that is why we believe it is true. ee k ke mega ke rast ast ya dorogh.. gor o gardanish.. I don’t really care. 😛



For the record, we didn’t hang up on you, we were using a phone card that kept disconnecting. Khodit dorogh megi naq naq, kalan zanaka asti!  lol


If you want to talk again, let me know. 






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