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Fawzia Arian – Yare Man

I saw this video yesterday and I was shocked because of what I was seeing. I thought I was going to lose my vision and my ears almost fell off. What the flying duck is this?


Every family has that one crazy psychotic-ish person who claims that s/he is the bomb and because no one wants to hurt their feelings, they throw fake compliments until they become one like Fawzia Arian. FAWZIA!!!!!!!! I know you will be reading this because I will post it on your facebook page :D.. but I just want to let you know that khodet khandan namekoni… khodet Bagh Mezani! Ba leyaaz e khoda o zanaka, beghe boro ella ko mara kad e azi song hayet. Chi reshkhandi shadi bazi ra andakhti ba ma? Tu dewana asti ya kalet kar namekona? Na raqs yad dari, na acting metani, na kala posheedana yad dari.. naq eso meri oso meri gudiparan wari.. maloom nest ke e video e bemana it pointish cheest?

Look Moosh Khorma, agar fikr mekoni ke tu popular meshi az khater e ke dukthar asti.. then BADKADI ke oto fikr ha ra mekoni. Hich mardom da ame qesetam nest wa na qestam mebashan. Khoda naq shadi maidan jor kadi wa kolagee sarit khanda mekonan. shayad fikr koni ke ma hater astom wa hate mekonom *haters gonna hate*.. then BADKADI ke utur yak fikr mekoni baz. Tu khoda da ayna deedee? Tu chi mekhori ke azem nametani wa sarit taseer kada ke eto dewana parti khoda wa video clip jor koni? TERT! BADKADA ami har kas e ke tura tashweeq kada ke tu khanenda khoob asti wa acting metani. Tu az Video e “Kabul e Zeba” it nasharmeede ke da 2 saal 3000 hits dara and kolish downvote ast? lol.. khoda Lady gaga jor kada boodi. haha.. Guys, just check out “kabul-e-Zeba” by her. * Warning: You might die of embarrasement*

Anyway, this video is taking the word ‘fobbish’ to a whole new level. I could not watch past the part where the captain of the boat is in shock because there is a psychotic thing with horrible dance moves is dancing behind him. I am pretty sure he can’t believe that he rented out his boat to a bunch of bozos with an iphone trying to shoot a music video in less than 4 hours!

@the Director: Hamed Arian AKA “The director” is a family member I am assuming because of the same last names. He has the skills of a child with a camera. I can give the camera to a fucking 6 years old kid and he can make a better video than the piece of shit that he made. I am wondering if Hamed thought that it would be a good idea to put Fawzia among the animals and film her walking around! What does he think she is, an animal? LOL

To wrap this up, I found this video extremely hilarious! How can you not love a music video where a kangaroo scratching his balls(@2:33) for more than a minute is shown longer than Fawzia’s face in the entire clip! Oh.. and no to forget the tent in the middle of nowhere.. hahahaha It is simply H I L A R I O U S.

Oh..Fawzia.. BADKADI ke ameto clipa jor mekoni. dilim ast ke  Melbourne biyayom morgh wari post it konom..





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  1. Anon says:

    I know this old but her name is actually Sutara, Fawzia her mums name. Her brother is the director lol you should see her other vids on youtube. Such an embarrassment to afghans in Australia. But she did at least graduate even if it was a useless degree. And, of course, uploaded the whole ceremony of it on youtube. While she was getting her name called out, her mum shouted “we are proud of you Sutara” or something along the lines of that and her brother was like “SHUT UP MUM” LMAO. I haven’t met her personally nor do I have anything against her but she’s just really embarrassing. I urge you to watch her vids on youtube and I guarantee you will laugh! She has now taken up cooking and modelling as a hobby.

  2. Wes says:

    To be fair, the camera skills aren’t that bad. They’re actually quite steady still shots and pans.
    The editing skills are terrible though, and the acting/dance talent is…..ummm…. out of this world.

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