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“The former Cameraman “Valy Hedjasi” must be just a bit too multi Talented”

Sure, I think he is a little entertaining but not much. I mean, he doesn’t have dancing skills or whatever to show off on the stage except just moving around on the stage more than the average singer.  He does spend money on mastering his music and videos which is professional and every singer SHOULD do, but the fact that he doesn’t give credit to people who made him popular is unprofessional. 



ATTENTION READERS: The following article is based on personal opinion and facts in accordance to the sources provided. We only try to point out the facts, so therefore, it is not the case of jealousy.

We have read previous articles on this topic in magazines and online in the past but according to the writers, they were threatened by the artist’s either Managers (More than one Manager, he has got, which is a bit hard to believe as normally, artists have only one manager) or friends, to take their articles down off online or else Mr Valy would sue them. This should not be acceptable in the Industry as it clearly demonstrates assault towards these writers. 

Here we go again:
Mr Valy Hedjasi claims to be the composer and lyricist of every song of his albums. Let’s take a look at behind this so called superstar’s success in the industry.

With a lot of research on his career, some interesting information came across to me. I literally watched each of his interviews carefully and compared them to one another, but in each interview he had given totally different responses to the same questions, in other words, “He had twisted the stories around.”

KO is the only one whose been given credit for the co-production of the songs in the album, but still no one knows who stands for lyrics, compositions and arrangements .

The German based producer Alex Abedi contacted pourya( a reviewer on valy) with the following information;

Valy was looking for some good songs and lyrics for his first album, so he met Mahkam on the Jomhouri Street in Tehran. Mahkam offered to help, so he composed 5 songs (Khanoomi, Hame Karat Dorooghaki, Khaab, Doostdokhtar and Delamo Shekoondi) which were released by Avang in Valy’s album “After Love” in 2007.

Unfortunately Valy claimed to be the lyricist and composer of those songs. In every video Valy stated that he was the creator and even in the booklet of the album Mahkam and the lyricist “Siamak Khosravani” were only named as “Valy’s-Family” not as the composer and lyricist. But in defeat Mahkam stood up again, and instead of suing and going to court he decided to answer with music.

According to valy, he helped AFSHIN to become an artist. How could he have done that when Afshin joined the music industry more than a decade ago and Valy was a cameraman? What actually happened was that Valy’s brother requested Afshin to assist valy with his music career, so he introduced him to his producer. Eventually his video “bia 2” came out, and he became a SUPERSTAR. Then He tells the whole world that he had helped Afshin to become a singer.

Now let’s talk about; HOW VALY MET SEETA QASEMI….

Seeta Qasimi used to perform live in some functions with artists such as Jawid Sharif and many more. She met Valy Hedjasi in a function, where he was doing Camera Recording. He approached her and asked, if she would be interested in collaborating with him, this was a great opportunity for her to pursue her dreams and share her voice with her people. Seeta agreed to collaborate with Valy, so therefore she composed, wrote and sung the songs ‘Bia Tu’ and ‘Dilbare Mehrabanam’.

Unfortunately, she did not appear in the videos “Bia Tu” and “Delbare Mehrabanam” herself. Therefore, she was replaced with Mariam Morid, who (the daughter of Ahmad Morid), lip synched the parts Seeta sang in the song. Until now, no one knew that the voices in “Bia Tu” and “Delbare Mehrabanam” belonged to Seeta Qasemie not Mariam. Valy did not even bother to mention her name, instead Mariam Morid took all the credit away for the songs she actually lip synched. In his album, “Crazy in love,” he has another song of Seeta Qasemi, called “Yarake Bewafa but again has his name under “Music and Lyrics”, wonder if Seeta Qasemi is aware of this.

It is indeed a fact that our people will not believe these facts because obviously they have conflicts with Iranians and if you bring up the facts to Mr VALY’S fans, they will deny them and say *they’re rumors, everyone is jealous of VALY”. Why would anyone be jealous of VALY?
Let’s admit the fact that he has a nice playback voice but a bit of honest would have been much appreciated. Valy has left his mark in the industry and his music is not as much appreciated as it was two years ago.

It was a pity to hear our people saying that Valy had shaped the Afghan music industry and calling him the new Ahmad Zahir in the past. No one can be compared to our legendary Ahmad Zahir. He was an icon for sure as well as a true legend. More than a quarter of a century after his death, his popularity still remains strong among his fans. Many Afghans truly love him from the heart, whether it is the younger generation, born outside of Afghanistan, who can barely understand the lyrics of his music; or those who grew up during the heydays of Ahmad Zahir; or those who saw him live in-concert and in person; or whether it is the much older generation who are now more understanding and appreciative of his legendary work. His legacy as the most celebrated musical phenomenon in Afghanistan and the embodiment of modern Afghan music will go on. Mr Valy is not an “Honormand” but he is a awazkhan or khanenda and an entertainer for sure.

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