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Haroon&Shabnam, the talenless Ebrat’s.



I seriously can’t believe my eyes.  This shit is f*cking ridiculous. I will give you credit for trying to be a director and making a video, but you got to know when to stop. Did you ever look at your videos and say “phak, I suck”?  Did you ever try taking acting classes? Have you ever thought to yourself that nothing that you have created is different from the previous garbage that you “produced”? Have you ever thought of shaving that beard off of your face? Personally, I haven’t seen actors having the same damn beard style in every damn movie they have created. Makes me wonder why he doesn’t shave that beard? Hm…. does he look hm… what is the word…. Unpleasant to look at?

 I actually want to know if this man is mentally challenged. If he is, let me know so I can take this down. I don’t want to be rude, but if Haroon jan e gul e qand e kishmeshi is normal, then I have a problem with what he is currently producing.

Shabnam, I know you like getting attention from those fobs on Facebook.  I actually enjoy reading their comments; I think their comments are hilarious! I just came across a few that commented “I like your figerr” oh and this one “u are vare vare beautiful”… Oh, how they make me giggle like a school girl. Basically, you got no real fans that live near or around you. Haha loser!

Sorry, I got carried away. I wanted to say that your dad is on TV because he makes those horrible videos to embarrass the nation, what about you? What is your talent? Don’t tell me it is dipping your face in a bucket of make up? Is it? aww That is too bad. Seriously though, what is your excuse for wasting the TV stations time and money? Step aside gurrrl, let them play me some Zahir Howaida songs.  

Any whooo..  I see your annoying faces on TV all the time with your lame comments and dull personalities. I yet have to find out what their show is about. Have you seen the videos that this dude makes?  I don’t know what to say about his talent, it is sooooo good, that it blows.

No offence or anything, but I personally find this dude who seems nice to be…well.. uhhh… . mentally challenged? NO! NO! That is not nice. Let’s see… he is underdeveloped? NO! That is too mean, oh I know, he is slow! Yes.. yes.. that is the word.

Apparently he is like a 10-in-one sorta deal. he is a director, actor, producer, screen writer  and end of thinking .  I don’t see no god damn talent in his guy with his $20 camcorder embarrassing his kids and himself.  From the videos that I have found, it  seems like he has been around for a while now, but I didn’t find anything new or improved in his acting or directing skills. If there was a “ you suck” awards show, he would take 10 awards home in one night.

Truth be told, Shabnam, you and your dad are talentless beings that pretend to be talented like the rest of our entertainment industry.  

Say Salaam and then Tell the Old man, it is time to retire and repent for all those bad acting’s and videos that he has created.







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6 Responses to Haroon&Shabnam, the talenless Ebrat’s.

  1. Sadaf Lewis says:

    Can I first of all contact your bitchass?! Or are you even too scared to even have someone to contact you???😡 Whoever the fuck you are, you better stop talking shit about people. The real fool, fucking asswhole, fucking whore, fucking hoe, fucking fakeass person is YOU! Loving to make talents about people?! Yeah, right niggah?!

  2. Sadaf Lewis says:

    You shouldn’t worry what other people do or say! Let them to be themselves! DON’T WORRY ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE! You, yourself is not a perfect person!

  3. Badkadi says:

    You can contact us anytime you like through facebook… sadaf LEWIS lol

  4. KhobKadi says:

    bahahah somebody’s butthurt

  5. Sadaf says:

    @badkadi Exactly bitch! I hella wanna contact your ugly ass face! You fucken fat fuck! Show your true colors, show us who the fuck you really are!
    @khobkadi If @badkadi said shitty shit about Afghans, wouldn’t you be?

  6. JigarGosha says:

    I think badkadi is absolutely right. At least if you are gonna waste peoples time do it with a quality video. His acting does suck. My guy can’t even lipsync. Oh well it is time for your father to retire Shabnam Jan. I must admit you lot have no real talent apart from talking shit on TV.

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