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Kids, Today’s new word is “Mohda boz”





woohoo! Just got back from the Tattoo shop and got my nippies pierced! Hey Jaweeee, check em out! You like? 😀 




I couldn’t do my eyebrows cause they said I need to mow it first cause it is too much #Afghanproblems So gotta do that first thing in the morning so I can look fresh to death. bitchzzzz luv mah thin eyebows. youknowwhatamsayin? <— I bet the gangsta thought that was german or something and called up shabana for help. I am just kidding shabooboo. (Called you a booboo not because you are cute, but scary!hehehe I bet they are going to threaten me to death and produce another video and claim that I said “boob”) ASTAKHFURLLAH MA OTO NESTOM!

I was at work all day and this guy did not call me! He is lying! cause if he called and threatend me, I would be on my way to London to “attay” somebuddy! I am not saying whooooooo, but somebuddy gonna get hurt reeeeel bad! That rescue boat would be hanging on my “domb bon dang or was it domb bodrang?… whatever the fuck he said” wall AKA rented a hospital bed for his ass wall. Domb bodang?? seriously? Were you a pakhta takan back home or something?!easssssy…I am just asking weeeeeeeeee!

He totally made up that word to look tough. You can’t be a gangster if you have a lisp. haha, got you there bud! Jaw sounds badass too…hmm… Got you there Jaw! 

biaaa tesssssss!(hilariousssss)… he is a funny guy! Right guys? alright, lets get serious. 


“Pay” to a mosque? …. Game Time!! YAY!!

Game rule: Find the word “mosque”

I used every font option that is available to me on that word. Bold, italic, size,color and underline! Oh..there it is in the first sentence! oh wait.. that says warning. ooooo.. I think i see it…o wait that says pay tax to me! Silly me, I can’t read. ok.. ok.. I got it! YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! oh wait! That says I WILL GET THAT MONEY! Damnit! What is wrong with me! My work insurance only covers eye exams, I can’t afford glasses! Can I ask the mosque to buy me a pair of glasses?… probably not 🙁

Seriously though, I think I got it this time! wooohoooo! oh wait.. that says that the promoters have to see HIM before he rents a hospital bed for their ass. Man, my reading comprehension sucks! :/

oh..looky looky…. there it is! oh wait! He is nice enough to give them an option to consider!

There it is, right there! oh no. i see it. ooo. there! oh shit! I read it all and I can’t fucking find it. maybe I am fucking blind.  MAYBE we are all fucking BLIND! Maybe Ustad saib can highlight it for us. oh please dear Ustad, guide us to the right path. 

Did you guys read the above part in your head in a funny way too? 

silly me, he can’t hightlight it, cause he deleted it from his facebook page…I wonder why…ohh.. shabooboo… you are so smart. 


This guy is a joke with his luchaki vocabulary. The words that he uses, the way he uses them. I have never heard of such thing as “Modah boz” till today. For those of you that don’t know what modah means, modah basically means female. He is basically dissing all the female singers out there. He is a sexist! He believes in male superiority, yet he uses modahs them in his videos. That is the absolute meaning of hypocrisy. 

The fact that he dissed his own friend shabooboo by the same words that he is using against all the other females out there is moronic and ironic..*That is a combo- pow pow*

 Mega “Ma moyayem rafta“. All e mara chi ke moyayet raft? Bebe jan em mara gofta bood ke har waqt ke moyayet raft, ghell e sar shoi da sarit bezan jor meshi. 

I don’t get this guy. He talks so randomly, perhaps his softwares are messed up. What are you? A FUCKING HUMANOID? He is pretty funny though, I am starting to like him.

He has been living in Europe for most of his life, but he has the mentality of a caveman. We are not the people that have destroyed the country, it is people like you that have done that! People who are hypocrites, people who see the opposite sex as nothing but housewives. How can we create art and music without management? How can we do anything without management?! How can people improve when someone who takes a different step than your kind of people is threatened?

People can’t stop me from blogging. I chew and swallow people like you like chewing gum… you might be a little hard to swallow. Might take me a few minutes because of your shape(Dont get me wrong, I love them curves)… but it is possible. I mean, I might have to drink a few glasses of water and might choke a few times… but that is okay, I am a tiger…rawrrrrrrrr

You should think about how silly you just made yourself look today. I love it though. Can you make another video for badkadi? pweeez? 







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