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Aftow sar e sarak amad, kal da motark amad – Jawed Popanak


This guy is a big fan of himself. He loves taking pictures of himself wearing a hat that looks similar to a rescue boat! If you are ever going on a cruise ship with him and the ship sinks and all the other rescue boats are gone, just throw his ass in the water and use his hat to sail yourself to safety.

Consider this a free publicity for this posh bathroom superstar whose popularity is so ancient that a team of anthropologists from the University of Oxford are researching to see if they can dig out the remains of his popularity from somewhere.



From the pictures and the status updates, you can clearly see that he likes being in a gang and acting all tough and shit. The picture on the left is titled “Italian Job JP!”…Just hilarious.

The video post above is from 2011 which has around 8,000 hits…go figure. YOU GOTTA WATCH IT!… I have no idea how the hell the song is related to the video but the stupidity of the video doesn’t disappoint. It is classic!

The video starts with Mr.kolola getting ready, looking at the picture of his boss(set as his phone background?!),petting her face,biting and shaking his head (thinking…mmMMMmmm… Yummy) and grabs his 2 inch long pistol!! Seriously, with that size of yours, you chose a gun that is for babies?!

I am not sure why the shakh boroot guy wants to shoot the lady, it is unclear, but WE all know that Mr.bodyguard can sense the danger and is paranoid as FUCK! His love for his 20 feet tall albino giraffe boss is so strong that he day dreams about having dinner with her in a white T-SHIRT in an expensive place like that. That is so HOT!*Dar gereftom*

Alright, so they are ready to go home and he notices the laser from the gun pointing at them. From the scope of the rifle, you can see that he was about to get a nice bullet right through his riped head of his, but unfortunately, he got one on his left kidney. A KALASHNIKOV BULLET STRUCK HIM AND HE DIDN’T EVEN FLINCH???? What should’ve happened when that bullet struck him was seeing kololagak exploding into pieces of fat and berenj covering the whole site… that would have been more realistic…either way… JP FOR SUPERHERO!



Great paint blot btw… anyway, do you guys see what is wrong with the picture above….? He was shot on the left, but he is holding his right side..hahaha! Perhaps he can’t tell his right from his left? but khair ast..mesha dard ish besyar zoid booda.. gangx shoda .


So after the doctors take the bullet out and his heart beat stops, the doctors think he is dead! Now, I have seen enough  movies where people die and come back to life. I have seen them blinking or making a noise when they come back to life. But I swear to god, I have never seen anyone come back to life playing Tabla with their left hand as a sign of recovery. That shit is absolutely hilarious.




Anyway, I wasn’t going to write about this guy, he is unknown and publicity is not good for him, but what got my attention about him was his threat to concert promoters.





It is nice of him to care about orphans, but it is definitely not nice of him to warn promoters to either pay tax to the government or directly pay him so he can help the orphans. What I don’t understand here is that why do promoters have to pay the government? Why do people have to pay him at ALL? He doesn’t own London nor is he a politician to enforce this self-made law on people. What I assume would happen is that he and his gang of  friends will call the cops and report some false claims about the place that the concert is held… or he will bust into the venue and literally beat your ass up and send you to the hospital as he says he will. Make no mistake though, he did work at a club called “On and On” as a bouncer in picadilly in the UK and have been arrested for beating up clubbers(even some girls). There is another story out there about them(Latif nengarhari(He looks like lawndee) & Jawed)) attacking the promoter of Naghama’s concert in the UK.I don’t know much about that.So if you do get confrontational with him, put his ass in the hospital….or pick up your ass from the hospital the next morning.

He did block me after I imposed a few rules on his ass. As a counter offer, I told him that my rule is that anyone that is bald and wears diaper looking hats on his head will have to pay tax to me so I can help the orphans as well. Fair deal, right?




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