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Meet The Afghan JB(Justin Bawdrang)

 Meet the Afghan JB – Justin Bawdrang! How I found Bawdrang on Facebook was when he was constantly adding people from his fake accounts posing as a girl and also commenting on his own pictures . lmao
Left: Tabaz – The great director.
Right: Justin Bawdarng – Nice pajamas lmao
Anyway, before I start talking about Bawdrang, I would like to introduce you to his mentor the greatest producer of all timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Tabaz Shalgham. 
This self proclaimed actor, producer, film maker, singer, sound engineer, director, drum player, guitar player, dancer… etc. Unfortunatley, I am in a rush as it will take a few hours to list the rest of his achievements and talents. 
Justin Shalgham and Justin Bawdrang are die hard fans of Justin Bieber. When I say die hard fans, I mean to a point where Justin Bawdrang has totally lost touch with reality. He is so influenced by him that he has lost his mind and has totally turned into a retard! Yes, a R.E.T.A.R.D.
Please, look at this video to see what I am talking about. 
It looks like the other video where he actually was ‘performing’ in a wedding is deleted from his account for obvious reasons. 
I should also mention that the youtube views are bought! lol…
Anyone that critizes their shitty things that they create is automatically seen as a hater. Justin Shalgham will not stop though, this guy is convinced to break world records(or already has according to him…)  and will not stop by haters like me. Good on him, right?
The problem with him is that he sucks and he knows it, but he acts like he is theeee shit. He is the shit though, no doubt. 
He talks about himself like there is no tomorrow! He is the only one that praises himself this much. When I say, he praises himself… I really mean it. No joke! 
I told you guys that it will take time for me to write up all his talents. There you go… he wrote it himself. These are a few of his ridiculous claims… if you want  to see more, search him on Facebook: Tabaz Noori.
I got carried away, this was suppose to be about Justin Bawdrang. Justin Bawdrang is just ridiculous. He is simply terrible, but he is convinced that he is the shit. I mean, who the fuck starts busting moves(if you call those moves) and singing a JB song with a terrible voice at an Afghan wedding? I will gurantee that everyone in that wedding was shocked and called you a fag… 
I am actually convinced that these guys need help. His family need to admit shalgham and  Bawdrang to a mental hospital. 
Leave comments below if you agree that these two should get some help. 
If i had a GOKHORDI stamp, you guys would get it… 



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