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Latif Tabish – Chaq-o-Chela

I don’t usually write these days like I used to but I couldn’t let this one

What sparked my interest into this amazing artist was his unique hairstyle. It was something that I had not seen on anyone’s head before. I looked closely at its texture and layers and how it was styled but then I doubted myself. I said to myself, maybe that is not his hair? I squinted and took a good look and then I thought he had MICKEY MOUSE ears!!!! HOW COOL!!

here is the link for the song and a better look at that whatever that thing is Click



Then I thought, no you idiot, humans can’t have mickey mouse ears. That is ridiculous to even come up with such an idea. So, I zoomed in again, and realized that it is a black garbage bag with hair and shit sticking out of it washed up on shore. This is what you call an artist where you find shit and put it on your head. respekt

So now that we are clear on the back story lets move onto the video clip. As you may not know, Latif Jan is Saboor Tabish Jan’s bro. Saboor is boss though. Don’t mess with him or he will take your fucking bed sheet and tie himself a neck tie or block the sun with his tie or whatever.


anyways, so Latif was playing drums for saboor for the past 50 years or so and I guess got promoted recently and made a song. Either that or Saboor made a song that sounded retarded and gifted to his brother. That is so mean, saboor!

What is even worse is that the song got composed by “USTAD” Gul Zaman. The only thing that he is ustad at is wrapping his lungee around his head. I have to give it to him that some of the lines are pretty catchy especially these lines

ooo khermaNAYEEM
Naam e tu ZindaGAYEEM
Pish e tu mondaNAYEEM

so as you know that Gul Zaman has a strong Dari accent and when he was singing the song for this genius boy, Latif picked up that pronunciation from him and thought that is how the song is sung. hilarious either way.

As you can see, the video clip is just another typical rented car(saw him in a 2003 corolla lol), house and a girl with awkward dance moves and ajeeb o ghareeb candy shots.

The good news is Latif doesn’t discriminate against heavy girls and that thing from his head has flown away or ran away or fell off or probably cut itself to a proper haircut. I will dearly miss it though.




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