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You Make Me Dewana! Nasheet Bros.


Most people outside of Australia might not be familiar with these bros, but let me introduce you to the UPCOMING HOTTEST BAND OF THE YEAR! THE NASHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET BROS!  (Fine print: Just kidding)

I am not really familiar with them either.I am just friends with Zed (very cool guy)on Facebook who is very active in promoting his band. Zed is a full-time Realtor and a part time amateur drummer, dhol player, Zerbaghali player, and a durbaka player. Basically, he plays anything that is round and makes a sound. Hi, Zed!

You Make Me Dewana is sang by Qaiss Nasheet, who is the lead ‘singer’ I guess. I don’t think he deserves that title though because his vocals aren’t good whatsoever even though the song is mastered. Perhaps, he was trying to distract us from his voice with the rental cars and cheap ass eastern European girls who are old enough to teach me some manners… #Bach-e-betarbia

You Make Me Dewana song opens with the arrival of them in  three awesome cars which neither of them own. Zed is saving for a lambo, I believe. The other two brothers drive Tweeta’s. It is weird cause the only guy that has a girl beside him is Qaiss. lol

Now, I know that they couldn’t fit in one car, but they didn’t have to rent three cars to look cool for the video? They could have rented a nice car for four people. Maybe the girl called the other two guys just in-case Qaiss didn’t show up to pick her up. Too bad he did! NANA NA NA BOO BOO

The video is just full of awkwardness.The same thing that has been done a million times by others. Shiny suits, Flashy rental cars, sound effects, horrible green screen effects, awkward dance moves, buy 1 get 2 free haircuts, and of course our own favorite beach front scenes. by the way  guys, rock stars party in a yacht, not on Jack Sparrow’s ship from pirates of the Caribbean.

I am not even sure why Zed & Tavab are even in this video. They weren’t even part of the song producing. They are just there dancing awkwardly in the background promoting themselves for whatever reason. There is no doubt that this song is pure shit. This shit is so bad that I can smell it here all the way from Australia. Shit like this will take space on YouTube and will be eventually purged to make space for other videos.

Instead of making a joke of us all Afghans to the world with this absolute waste of money and distasteful song, the money could have been spent on buying some winter clothing for the poor Afghan children facing imminent death on the streets this winter.









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