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MUJJI Be Like Y U No Clap?


 Update: She took down the video of her embarrassing speech… el o el


Sup guys? Hatur heeya hatin’ on dem supastarz *Gang sign*

So you guys know about the global Superstar(baahahaha.. sorry) BUJJY Sediqzadah. No? Me neither.  I tried searching her on google & I couldn’t find any info besides her own social postings and shit. DUH!… but  You gotta start somewhere, right?

So, Bujjy is not new to being a superstar and in the music industry. Her sister, a well known diva Homaira Sediqzadeh, her brother in-law Suhell Eshpari e jan e adam khor who at one point wanted to eat me too(shokor ma talkh astom)… but that “rapper” is day dreaming cause I could rip that beard off of his face and turn it into a swing for my little cousin.

If you ever want to meet him, approach him cautiously cause he likes to kill you and make shorwa from your bones. What made me think was that why SHORWA? Really? why not qabali or something?


Alright, back to Superstar Bujjy!

Last year she was invited to Rumi awards for whatever reason to perform. I haven’t seen it and don’t really want to waste my time on it cause I know she can’t perform worth shit. A few days later, she made this video about Sajia Kamrani about why she didn’t clap for her when she was “performing” lol


First of all, Sajia Jan eats tiny scrawny little things like you for lunch live Sunday mornings…well…she might take it easy on your cause you are a ‘fly chick’. lol

Stop contradicting yourself by saying that you are trying to help liberate women in Afghanistan. You aren’t doing shit to liberate women in Afghanistan. You are hungry for fame and money and you got none of them. How can you liberate them when your main focus is on getting ‘Moolah’. Yak moolah aga mekhai ke barit yaktah import konim az afghanistan.

I don’t quite understand what do you mean by you trying to liberate Afghan women? Wearing revealing clothes and shouting fly chick and motha fucka on a video? you are hilarious. Get the fuck outta here.

In the video around 2:00 minutes, she claims she is not known in Afghanistan, but she is globablly known in other countries!


No lie though, she is famous in other countries. Masalan, khan-e-khalish, Da playground e oshtoka, Da kodakistan, khan-e-kakayesh – khan-e-mamayesh- khan-e- khodish wa khan-e-adam khor.

Khair ast, fly chick kalish kar nameta. Chai sabz ziad mezana wa mekhora. 

Now, I don’t care if she smokes or consumes brownies, but I have to provide evidence to back up my claims. For all I care, Smoke till you fry that brain…oh wait.. it is already fried.

anyway, so yeah guys check out our global superstar! Half of those hits are from me and the other half is from herself. Ain’t she popular? Yes she is! Make sure you guys get a signature next time you see her eating out at Burger King or something.

So Bujji Jan, don’t act like you are something big. You are nothing, you are microscopic! Just cause you went to a wack ass show doesn’t make you a popular celebrity to give us life lesson about being close minded and shit. You are like the fly on my wall that I just threw my pillow at.  






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