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Not Breaking News: Sameera can’t sing.

Wallah bro, I was just having my green tea again and clicking through Facebook when I took a glimpse of this clip. I immediately sent a signal down to my finger to freeze the fuck up and not lose the sight of her face. My index finger froze over the mouse click as I stared at her face in a state of sadness as I could not understand why she is star on this show when she can’t sing?

Song starts @ 0:31 seconds and she misses to sync with the beat. lol

I stared at the screen as my finger was flickering and itching to press the play button, but I kept declining its request to proceed as I kept thinking about going to sleep depressed or not. The struggle was real and I commanded the finger to proceed with the click.  The disappointment did not disappoint.

It occurred to me that this show is like a grad school for Afghan female singers. They MUST go through this show to make it to Tajikistan next. Except a few that probably couldn’t get a role in the show, all the other talent less singers have hosted this show. Since others have moved on to the next stage and there was nobody else to throw in the pit surrounded by hungry males, they decided to bring this “kelown” to the show so we can listen to her lip-sync for FUCK’S SAKE. FUCCCK!

Now, There is no doubt that Sameera can’t sing worth shit(sorry for your feelings). She has proven it before where she tried to sing live a few famous songs but instead murdered the songs and made the artists roll in their graves like a hotdog over a fire pit .repeatedly.

Then she started lip-syncing, even at her ‘concert’ where 10 people showed up. I can bring out more people for wings night than she could for her concert lol. She got caught turning on and off the microphone and you would think that she had learned her lesson and moved on…. NAKHAIR! Watch her sync, Watch her NAY NAY. (pun intended)

Truth be told, she can’t sing… ooohh hooo singing live a kho bon! To make you guys understand what she sound to me, imagine me holding an “aftawa” and then singing in it and whatever sound comes out of the “nool e aftawa” is what she sounds like to my ears.

Anyways, If you watch this video, you might think that ‘alright, she sucks’ but; what If I told you that my laser beam eyes caught her lip-syncing at 0:31 seconds? If she sounds like this pre-recorded, imagine if she sang live? But thank the lord that she doesn’t cause the lord has mercy for the dead.  


The stamp of approval is obvious: BADKADI






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