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Parasto Mehryar – Can I get a Gin Chai plz!

I am sure you have all heard about Rumi Awards because the commercials were EVERYWHERE! It was probably the biggest Afghan Event ever. Obviously, you ain’t Afghan if you don’t ask questions about who got stabbed, shot, punched or whose dress was too revealing… or the classic drunk stories…. 





I don’t know much about Rumi myself, but I know that he was a big shot poet back in the day and people still love his poetry.


This is my kind of poetry… <3

Sosan Jan e badakhshan
Kardi mara e pereshan
Az dil o jigar sargardan
tadawee am jawani badian

Aight, Lets get to the story.
As always, we don’t have live singers on these events. There is nothing special to watch other than the same dude or lady standing on the stage and lipsyncing their ancient songs for people. We all know you are bullshitting us. You just look stupid yourself… or maybe you can’t sing. Then there are the lame ones that try to act all bollywood and shit and it is so embarrassing to watch them cause they are uncomfortable doing what they are doing. I just cringe and change the channel .
So the story is that during the Rumi Awards show, Parasto had a few more shots than she could handle. Weight to ratio was calculated incorrectly, I guess. So while she was having a good time, she gave her playback CD(Lahow-el-bellah, you guys don’t have ipods and stuff in where you live?) to some guy who was working there. When it was her turn to go on the stage and sing, she couldn’t remember who she gave the CD to (cause she was out of her mind,obviously) and was bugging some other guy to find her cd.
At this point, Parachot is tripping towps! The cd is no-where to be found, she is panicking and creating a scene. So, she apparently goes to Ustad Mahwash and tells her “Sar stage bala showee para para mekunumet”. Hopefully the font is big enough for you guys. lol
I am sure Mahwash was terrified, cause I fucking am.
Apparently, Parasto had a gang girls with her who carried brass knuckles and knives… yeah! You read it right! BRASS KNUCKLES AND KNIVESSSS. She is gangster and shit…. Someone has to protect the makeup on her face.
Anyway, She is causing a scene and is pissed off. The Rumi team notices that she is going to turn into Hulk, they end the show and fill the hall with loud music so noone can hear her blabbing.
Parachot is still tripping and is hammered out of her mind outside the hall, stands on a chair and gives a fucking speech!
“I travelled 15 hours from Germany for my fans(she means ‘pakas), to sing for you and changed my clothes TWICE(She must’ve been sweating)”
“I only sing live!”
“Harmonia, get yo ass here, I will sing with you.”
She vented out that night and woke up with a headache the next day. She realized what she had done the night before and called up the Rumi founder and apologized for the scene that she caused the night before(naughty lady) and wanted to come back, which she did.
She goes on the stage with Youtube quality playback song of “Dil e adam” and lipsyncs and the cd fucking SKIPS!!! That is freaking hilarious!!!



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  1. Fara says:

    Omg! You made my day!!! Loved everything I just read lol! I came upon your site I don’t know how, but glad I did! I swear I was trying to study for nclex and just stumbled upon this site.

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