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Qais Essar – The Green Language


I am so used to hearing crappy Afghan music  that I judge the songs before I even hear them. Just by looking at the singer and the name of the song, I can play that shit in my head with different compositions of my own. I feel like listening to an Afghan song these days is like going to a Naim Popal concert…. always disappointing.

The judging part mostly comes from the fact that I have heard those songs/compositions more than a thousands times. It is ALWAYS the same shit! ALWAYS!

We have lost our land, home and country. But we never lost one thing that kept ‘ Bia ke berem ba mazar’ alive till this day… The Almight Harmonia. We love our Harmonia’s more than the Harmonia’s love us. It is like an essential item for every Afghan household. We save our hard earned money not to send our parents to Hajj, but rather import a Harmonia all the way from India and then it collects dust in the basement. Not because it is gets old, because we cant play it. We might as well hang it over our main entrance. Just like how we don’t read Quran but put it away in a safe place. lol

But…I can see the future generation hanging them on top of our doorways instead… Tobah Awozbellah! don’t do that. har kas kona, kor shawa.



Why am I talking about harmonias? who knows…

Moving on…

What I am saying is that we are so heavily involved with making music yet there aren’t many of us that know what the hell we are doing. With the amount of  ‘passion’ that most show or talk about seems to vaporize as soon as they come on the stage.

But…but… today was an exception. I came across Qais’ album “The green Language” and honestly, I AM BLOWN AWAY!!! The recording, the compositions and the choices of instruments are just perfect for the songs in this album that will send shivers down your spine and raise the hair on your hairy arms… or your uni-brow.

If you are the type that go on YouTube and search for ‘chilling songs’ to calm your nerves down or concentrate, THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! BUY A COPY NOW AND HE WILL SEND YOU  THAT COPY THAT YOU JUST BOUGHT FOR $8.91. BUT WAITTT! THERE IS MORE!

Jk, there isn’t.

Anyway, I just got my copy and in the last 18 hours, it became the #1 best seller in Pakistan & India.  Afghans should surpass that number not because he is an Afghan, but because of his amazing talent.  We buy games that are four times the price of his album. For the industry to change, we need to support these guys not the Qaaqroda wedding singers. We need money to circulate in our industry so we can produce more quality than quantity.

Don’t wait for a torrented version, support him. $8.91 is pocket change for most of us.


Buy it!







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