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Sameera Nasiry – Daagh e dilt

We all wanted to have a good year in the last days of 2016 without getting some garbage thrown at us, but unfortunately Sameera couldn’t wait a few more days to throw her shit at our faces. Not literally though, that would be gross. let’s imagine if it wasn’t so literal, do you think it would stick on your face or dent your cheek? lol

so let’s get back to the Arezo Nikbin’s new song. Oops, I think I got the name wrong because the video/song is such a ripoff of Arezo Nikbin’s Dilbar song! If she could, she would’ve named the song the same.

Arezo’s video is at least watchable where as sameera’s is just torturous. Arezo has the looks to pull off whatever the hell she wears and she has a good taste when it comes to dresses. She can dance and act pretty good.

Sameera on the other hand… she tried her best to be like her but she just isn’t cut out for shit like this. The only thing that wasn’t copied from Arezo’s video is her face. lol

Sameera e bechara’s drone director Rasekh Jelani threw her by the river with some unbelievably ugly dresses and shot her video from different angles in less than 2 hours and called it a day. Managers don’t do shit like that to their assets. lol

To be brief, Sameera wanted to make a Qarsak song for god knows reason and had the concept in mind…copy Arezo nikbin’s video. Her “Manager” decided to fly his drone and make a video for her. Sameera wears ugly dresses, screams some bullshit lyrics and dances like a hyped up kid on crack and the video ends up on youtube. waste of space.




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