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Sameera Nasiry – Man Atasham

Update: July 27 2027 – Sameera decided to get rid of this video after all. Video is nowhere to be found.


Here we go again, sea girl with another brand new hit after ‘text boko, zang bezan, email boko tu kojai’! At least that one was amusing to watch. From what I understand, this song is suppose to be about the struggle of Afghan women but what it actually looks like is RJ Studio  trying to make an Afghan fight club movie with terrible acting. RJ studio is definitely milking this girl for money. Milking as in taking her money and producing crap videos for her… jeez! pervs!  She deserve shit videos anyways.  Shit songs = shit videos. 

So… I am confused as fuck about this video. What does some buff guys in the basement fighting each other have to do with Afghan women? The fuck? If the intentions were to show that Afghans are fighting each other and what not… Nigga please, Afghans will pick up a kalashinkov  and pop a cap in each others butt!

“Man Atasham”? ( hawla wa quwwata illâ bi Allâh) Ma fikr mekonom ke Tu Atash boodi wa all eh Zoghawl gashti so therefore bayad naam e khandan a memandi “Man Zoghawl am” bakhatir e ke qawarit zoghawl wareest. Ok,Fine! That is mean…how about “Man Coal am?”

But God damn does this girl overdo her make up or what?



Sameera Jan ke ast lab sereen namezana, sameera Jan lab sereen  mekhoara. Atman bisyor maza dar ast bakhater e ke dandon hai e khodam mekhora kadish. Not only does she need  at least 10+ years of non-stop vocal training, she should also consider mouth acting cause they way she is Kaj o pelach’ing her mouth is just awkward. It is just not natural… If you are going to make yourself like Miss Potato, at least do it right.



So in conclusion, this girl doesn’t seem to understand that she isn’t a singer at all. She is just spending her money and RJ studio is taking it with no hesitation.  E  video na msg dora na dega.. faqat bacha ra mega jang nakonen… faqat sag jangi bosha ke gardan band ishana mekana. lol






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  1. A says:

    The guy that is sitting in the middle at 0:47 trying to act like a badass is wearing a fkin t-shirt that says Athletic on it, that he probably bought from Urban Planet or American Apparel. *face palm*

    And while fighting one of the buff guys dose the splits randomly at 2:36 LMFAO

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