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Sameera Nasiry The Superstar

Remember the Zang bezan text Boko bogo kojaye?

If you didn’t see these clips, it is because her “Manager”(RJstudios) guy reported me(surprise) for copyright issues(*rolls my gardan*). He is serious too about it. He kinda threatened me  about another video of his that I posted. He gives the guy a rubab to hold UPSIDE DOWN and then wants to ‘find me’. Walla antique astem, antique. rasekhBut truth be told, I don’t want to be killed over pointing out the fact that some dude was holding the rubab upside down. How can my parents explain that to people?

Anyway, The Sea girl doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone’s opinion, which is a great personality trait. however, that trait is on overdrive when it comes to her. You can roll around and ride whales for all I care, but don’t get on your “Manager’s” ass to get your videos deleted from my page!

I know you suck, you know you suck, your manager knows you suck, the dolphins at the sea knows you suck so don’t act like you are all that. Afghanistan meri acting like a Superstar kad e zere e qol e parit. hahahasameeradress

Watch it and estefraaq.
I got nothing against Sameera. The fact that they reported me for simply stating my opinion about her song pisses me off. Mam yak kala shiq, wom yak kala shiq, song goi dar go.

If they do decide to find me a put me to sleep, I do have a wish as it is a right for everyone to have a last wish before their death lol. I don’t want to be killed by an upside down rubab. Tashakor.




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