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Sameera Nasiry-The Sea Girl


Found some time today to write something up quickly as I am enjoying my hot cup of green tea and watching AfghanStar. Thank God that chubby cheek BADBOO girl got out. What the hell was she singing? I hate the judges for picking the girls for being girls even though they suck! That is unfair to the dudes that are actually better than them. A big fuck you to people who vote for them just because they are girls… #ventoftheday



RJ studio delivers another awsome video this year! Did I say awesome? sorry, I meant awful. RJ Studio have made a few good videos for their clients like: Shahla Zaland, Saddrideen and…… just those too. When it comes to making money,it is videos like these that will stack up the dollah dollah bills in your pocket.Good on them though, Shitty songs like “Yaari Jaani” deserves a shitty video.

I want to share a little story…

I was sitting at starbucks the other day sippin’ on mah gawd dammm mocha frappucino lite with whipped cream while creeping sea girl’s facebook page like a bawsss. I heard someone stop behind me, I turned around and he said:

Did you read that NASA’s swift satellite discovered new spots inside the black hole”?

Me: *looking confused* “No, I haven’t, who are you?”

Guy: “Oh, I am sorry, I am Jim. I am a scientist who studies space and stuff”.

Me: “oh, Cool. haha… It’s just random that you said that to me. why?”

Guy: *points at my screen* “Aren’t you looking at the pictures of black holes?”

Me: *WTF is this guy on?* “No man, I am just zoomed in on someone’s picture.”

Guy: “Oh shit…haha…take care.”


So…yeah guys, It was awkward. I was just zoomed in on sameera’s eyes! Those eyes wear so much black stuff around it that the guy thought I was looking at pictures of fucking black holes! I was curious and looked her eyes carefully and then thought to myself that it isn’t the black hole and It can’t be makeup because she is rolling around on the beach and the black stuff on her eyes doesn’t look like it is smearing and  shit. Was she born like that? hmm… 


Moving on…


When I saw Omar kakar’s name as the composer on the screen, I knew that this shit song was going to be shit. And guess what? It is solid shit! The only person that knows Omar Kakar is probably Sea Girl and I. That dude is as confused as Sea girl herself. No shit he made her a song. He just wanted her be as invisible as he is . You sneaky failed singer you.

It is safe to say that this girl probably spent between $3000-$6000 on this piece of shit that she calls a song. It is also safe for me to advice her that she uses some of that money on a gym membership cause guuuuuuuuurlllllllllllll youz need to start squatting! yaknawwhatiamsayin? you are top heavy, and if you don’t hit the gym soon and fix those tiny legs, those legs are gonna break in half!  alrighty… back on topic

Did you wake up in your pink striped pajamas one day and told yourself that you could be a singer? Khow dedee ke qawarita kaj o pelj koni boz popular meshi? Naaq Naaq da aow khoda eso oso meloli, dewana shodi?

Usually, girls pressing themselves against the sand on the beach will get me to say ” Kash ke ma sand mebodom”… but in your case… EWWWWWWWWWW. Those ‘seductive’ faces that you are making is not sexy, they are stalkerish looks. Those are the looks that will get you text replies like “Sorry, I have been so busy these days aka you are fucking crazy”.

It was fun watching you with your horrible style(who the hell was your costume designer? your 3 year old sister?) struggling for her life like a stuck dolphin on the beach or dancing in your dad’s summer garden. We all had a great laugh. Thank you.

Oh… btw… Aryana sayeed called and she wants some of her moves censored from the video. 😛










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