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Shafiq Sroosh – Annoying Afghanstar contestant scammer

Shafiq is going to wake-up to great news today. This guy’s lisp fucking annoyed the hell out of me too!

As soon as things like these come out, other social media pages upload it fast on their shitty laggy websites so they can make a dollar here and there without any background info. I take my time to understand why a girl like the one you hear in the clip did what she did. She actually contacted me first and I told her to wait but she was a little impatient and now regrets it because no one wrote any info about it.

Shafiq sroosh is our Nigerian scammer. This Wolverine(the animal) looking scammer isn’t new to this. Last year or so, he scammed another girl for $1800 dollars or so and then told her to f*ck off. read it here

This madar e kaikah looking fool hunts on gullible girls on Instagram usually. He messages them privately and overtime sweet talks them into submission basically. Since he isn’t man enough to work and is broke as fuck, he starts scamming and possibly extorting them for money if he has anything dirty on them. You can hear in the clip where the girl mentions that she didn’t like it when he was talking dirty with her on a previous phone call. However, this time he messaged the wrong girl.

“Mozdah” had heard of his scams before and she had decided to take one for the team and set him up for an awareness media campaign. Madar kaikah convinces the girls that he has depression and every time he is broke, he goes into a depression state where he cries for days. First, he was asking her for $2000 to buy a guitar and then he was asking for $20,000 to get to Europe via Turkey. We all know that none of those girls will hear from him once he gets to Europe.

Even though he keeps assuring Mozdah that she is all he wants, he keeps bringing up the money every minute in the hopes that Mozdah did actually send him the money. He has doubts too cause he is used to receiving god knows how much money from other girls. Girls, watch out for this Gargi Madar Kaikah.

I know you guys are going to blame Mozdah for this, but keep in mind that she outplayed him in this game.Her intention was to expose him from the beginning.

Note: Agar da page hai e khod e video ra copy karden, ami note am kadish banen ke mardom bofama ke gap chi ast.




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  1. Fuck u says:

    Fuck shafiq koni mordagaw sag coke addicted looking muthafucka YOUR LIL CARREER IS OVER YOU DONE NOW NIGGA

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