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Sitara Nawabi – Afghanistan

A few days ago, sitara was complaining that she was receiving more support from forigners than our afghans.. well duh!.  How about you make something decent for us then? Who am I kidding…



Ok, honestly, are you fucking kidding me?? Have you seen/heard Sitara Nawabi’s new song/video called “Afghanistan”?? If not, I am sorry that I am about to introduce you to the latest demon with 6-inch heels that will be used in the upcoming “Exorcist-III” movie, directed and produced by RJ Studio!! Not trying to be harsh or mean, but I am not sure if Ms. Nawabi has somehow evolved into this scary looking character or the camera work and angles utilized by RJ Studio is making her seem so scary looking, however you can check it out and decide for yourself.


I am not sure if I am more pissed off at RJ Studio for producing one of the shittiest videos of the year (ps. ATN should create this cateogry in their upcoming Awards Show as recently we have more qualified videos for that than anything else….hint hint Kaka Bayat) or at Sitara Nawabi (aka Ms. Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong) for allowing such a video to be released!! Like honestly, what the hell are these people thinking?? Or are they thinking at all??


First off, for the the One-Man-Team that lately seems like the model of a considerable amount of money wasted on some very useful equipment (good quality DSLR Camera, probably a couple of decent lenses, some mini-hand-controlled crane, etc.) being very badly used and abused to create such horrible masterpieces, RJ Studio!!! Seriously guys (or is it “guy” aka Mr. Rasekh Jelani), either smarten up or pack up!! Is this what you call a music video?? What the hell is up with the 6-inch high heels to introduce the video?? Or was that Ms. Nawabi’s Directorial debut of her own music video?? And then the great statement of “The problems that we currently have in Afghanistan, is not because of THEM, it’s because of US.” Wow…honestly, so original. I don’t think I have ever, like never ever ever have heard of that statement never ever before!! Also, what the heck is up with the cartoonish, patched-up Afghanistan Map/Flag waving in there?? And then the statements from some famous Afghan Characters; did you like use Microsoft Word to type them or something as they are all so not aligned in any particular order and some of them are literally like a small portion of a boring political novel that even the smartest kid in the class would not be able to finish reading before the shot changes. Also, at around 3:14 in the video, it so looked like Ms. Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong started yawning and it yawned on until the shot changed. What the heck was up with that piece of editing?? Honestly, are you getting paid for these videos?? And the reason I say “videos” with an “s” at the end is because I still remember the other video (Nawe Peghla) with some good looking hunk in Peran Tonban and RayBan shades getting paid to sit on the branch of some tree and “laghatak zadaning” like a little girl. If you are getting paid, seriously dude, you are a bad badddd person for ripping people off like this. And if you are not getting paid, you have to be honest here today and admit that you have some very strong grudge against Sitara Nawabi where as revenge, you are doing this to her!! I repeat, either smarten up or pack up!! By the way, it is Rahmat Ahmed and not Rahmad Ahmed.


Alrighttttttttt now, Ms. Sitara Nawabi (aka “Nawe Peghla”), seriously, what in the world first of all give you the idea that humanity would allow you to refer to yourself as “Nawe Peghla”?? Now unless you are referring to your new body parts like the nose or the cheeks or the lips, etc. as “Nawe Peghla”, just take a look at the mirror and at least in your heart you would agree that your “Nawe Peghla” days bid adieu to you probably over 20 to 25 years ago!! Now getting back to this video, could you tell the shocked and scared audience why you decided to “try” walking in 6-inch heels on top of a mountain?? And who was the God forsaken individual(s) who encouraged and supported you to become a singer?? Honestly, I was listening to BBC News the other night and it sounded more alive and more appealing to the ear than you singing. You have no singing voice, you sing as if you are giving condolences to someone who has just lost a very dear member of their family and you do not possess the appearance of someone who can become a successful singer/artist out there. And before you try to label me as a “Hater”, trust me, even if I could try I could not hate you as I feel bad and sorry for what exactly you have decided to make out of yourself. Be honest, how much in total have you invested so far in all your facial modifications?? And by the way, you need to see a new doctor as the current one is doing a horrible job. I hear that MJ’s doctor is accepting new patients.

To you Ms. Nawabi, I humbly request on behalf of the Afghan Community at large to please please please please pleaseeeeee STOP singing!! You are not going to go anywhere and as harsh as you think I am being right now, if I see one more video of yours out there with such crappy directing, shooting, singing, laghatak zadaning and whatever elsing, I will be worse than this while slapping you with the “chablaq” of reality!!

To both Sitara Nawabi and RJ Studio, a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Bad Kadi!! And dega eto yak bad nakoni baaz aga nay nagoyee ke nagofta boodomet!!




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  1. husna says:

    I agree on every single post of yours as you are posting the honest truths. These ridiculous singers eqa zeyad shuda k tuba!!! Serf sari khudshan reshkhand mezanan!!!! Keep up with the good work

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