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Team Aryana vs Team Shabana – Beef

Have you ever seen a cat fight between Afghan Celebrities? Well if you haven’t, then you are about to read some controversies that exploded the social media pages/accounts of a few of our celebrities and just an ordinary man turned into a betarbia “star” by Badkadi, on Facebook for weeks.

Let’s begin with Shabana Mehryar. For a period of time, Shabana had been trying to degrade Aryana Sayeed either indirectly or directly. We are unsure whether it was the case of jealousy or just personal issues between the two. After Aryana’s live studio “Tum hi ho” cover came out, Shabana also produced her own version of the same cover and stated in her status that her Iranian music producer only knew this song to play! Right… because shabana has never claimed or tried to prove that her vocal chords are better than Aryana in many cases by uploading videos on youtube… lol

We have seen a lot of her controversies in the past as well – such as with Omar Adim, and her now ex-best friend- Eiraj Kazemi. I like controversies, it keeps me awake at night. Controversies and gossip is the beauty of  every entertainment industry & people get hooked on to other people’s lives like crack and I being the nicest crack dealer ever supplying the crack free of charge to the crackheads. Don’t hate the player, hate the game… bro!

Now I don’t give a shit who sang what as long as there is COMPETITION going on. Competition breeds innovation and creativity! For instance, Jawed popal was so mad that he used the word “ATTAY” to get his message across. Have you even been so mad that you used a child’s language to get your message across? That is creativity. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying Jawed is a child! No!No!No!. I am just saying that he is a huge baby.

Now, her brother-khunda Jawed Popal is into similar business.I actually don’t know if he is or was…Jawed who?? but whatevzzzz. We don’t know what the beef is between him, Hasib Sayed &  Aryana Sayeed as I heard that they made truce after that long fight that they had(man was that good for whaaaaaat?) a few months ago where he made a video claiming to “attay” Hasib. lol

Out of topic: I guess there was so much going on that I actually had a dream that Jawed was chasing me! I ran into a room with so many fucking doors for whatever fucking reason and I managed to close and lock every door there was in the room…. but ofc, mullah-o-oqa taleh… there was obviously ONE! out of so many was left unlocked and that is when Mr.scary entered inside and I was ready to for a show down, but… we actually talked it out and had tea together.It was funny though.

Note: when I dream, it is usually the opposite that happens.


Anyways… A few days ago he uploaded a picture of Aryana with a caption full of curse (check out the screenshots).



It seems like he deleted the picture from his profile for whatever reason. He probably realized that he was contradicting himself since he is a good muslim and then turns in a bad one overnight. He is like hot and cold. For his bipolar cure, I suggest he let some sun shine on his forehead for a period of time.

Wana Miskinyar vs Shabana!!!

These two were going at each other like there is no tomorrow. They were being very clear of whom they were referring to.Shabana has been referring to her as “Aryana Sayeed’s Pet.” Because Wana is friends with Aryana. I find that funny cause Wana got a tongue like a sword and she will slaughter any bitch in sight and turn them into her pet. She bites like a snake. She surely bit Shabana Mehryar up with her direct status updates. Wana – 1 / Shabana – 0

Moving on…, Hasib Sayed, the manager of Aryana has also been bashed. Rumours have been circulating that he is secretly married to Aryana. Aryana has denied the rumours and he allegedly is just a close friend and manager of her. After all, such is our society – two opposite genders working together got to be romantically associated. Remarkably, he has been continuously accused for being the creator of “Badkadi” – most noticeably as there are no articles against him.

Last but not least comes Miss Aryana Sayeed herself, the Diva. Question is that, is she really a Diva? Sure, she sings decent and is beating every single female afghan “artist” out there in the Afghan Music Industry but ain’t no “diva”. For those of you, who do not know the definition of the term “Diva”, here it is- A diva (/ˈdiːvə/; Italian: [ˈdiːva]) is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of prima donna Reference-

Maybe more like a “Pop Diva”? A while back, Aryana posted a long, exhausting, entertaining, and mysterious (but not so mysterious) essay status on her Facebook. Obviously it was directed to the Mehryar family. What a stir that caused!! Then recently, Aryana shocked everyone by wearing a blue semi-translucent dress with her underwear clearly shown. God damn was that news or what? Faqat ke khoditan underwear nameposhen, chi bala? loll


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aryanavsshabanavsjawed aryanasreply





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