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Temor Shah Noori ” Ezaar e zari”

It’s been a long time since I haven’t updated the site.

I am not lazy, I just don’t have time. Teachers are drowning me with projects and homework, when I come home, I am exhasuted and don’t feel like writing. I know, I said that I was going to relase the Ali Etemadi story last week, but the submitter told me to hold on to it until further notice. haha.  

I came home early today from school and decided to write about a video and surprise surpise!! That chubby face popped up on facebook and omg do I NEFRAT the songs that these guys make.

Chi bogoyom dega? These guys won’t give up making stupid videos! 

Now that he has released a video, his brother or uncle or whoever and however these “Noori” guys are related WILL release their own stupid shit songs that will be familiar to each and every Afghan person known to mankind. Ustad awal mir am ke az qabar bekhezani, he will remember these songs. Anyway, I would’nt mind if he sings new songs. Actually, nevermind, I will mind if he sings ANY KINDS OF SONGS!! This guy is just horrible!!!!!!! Just look at the video made by his cousin or something, It is fucking terrible. Do these guys not realize how horrible their acting is infront of the camera? Do they not watch themselves when they record? These le chateau boys go to the mall and buy a shirt and there you go….. comes out a new piece of shit video for us to feed our eyes on. 

If you are reading this, Please forward this message to this Gomzing singer of ours!! 







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