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Published on November 5th, 2014 | by Badkadi


Timor Jalali will Literally kick yo ass!

This dude has been trying over and over to release a hit song to get popular over the past 10 years or so and he doesn’t seem to understand that he isn’t going to make it with that voice. Nah uh… nigga.. it ain’t happening in this life time.

He was missing for the longest time and I don’t know where he came back from again with this cheesy piece of shit video again. I am sure he was bragging about his upcoming ‘hit’video for the longest time on his facebook wall. Well.. guess what? It is garbage. There isn’t anything new whatsoever! 

The video and the song are so far off  that you don’t understand what the fuck is going on! At least make one of them good if you are going to waste our damn time.

This guy has had the same haircut since I hit puberty and that was a long time ago lol. The sunglasses are a must for Timor. If you want to die, take away his sunglasses from him.

These rules must be applied when making a video for Timor.

-Thou shall wear sunglasses at all times!

– Thou shall must wear bright colours to stand out

– Thou shall do some random ass hand gestures to look cool

– Thou shall walk around town in white clothes… ofc *rolles eyes*

-Thou shall suck at singing like Timor

-Thou shall threaten his ‘haters’… I will get to that in a bit

-Thou shall be as cool as Timor


Anyways, Good on Habib Qaderi for ripping him off with that compose lol. Nigga got hit and he doesn’t even know it yet . If that compose was any good, Habib Qaderi would have sang it himself lol… But wait! THERE IS MORE!  Not only did Habib Qaderi sell him his compose, he also sold him his style too! For  the price of one, he got two things! Except the bow tie, that was probably too expensive for him to buy off of Habib.



So anyway, Ayenda e singing e Timor Jan qabil e tashweesh ast.

But… there is one thing that I don’t understand about this guy! He has a few fans, I will admit that! One in ceiling of the lobby of his house and one in his room, I don’t think he has got anymore than that. Well… maybe his car stereo. Although, I have heard that even the stereo tried to spit the CD out quite a lot. I feel you Mr.stereo, I feel ya! Stay strong.

So… speaking of fans, he did have one human fan actually… but not anymore after he criticized his video lol…




Timor is known for cussing the hell out of anyone that criticizes his work.  He will always slap you with “go learn about music”.. which is ironic considering the fact that he can’t compose his own songs nor can he write lyrics for himself. That being said, he can’t even sing shit. His brother is okay and I think he is trying to compete with him and stuff… but you can’t be good at everything Timothy Jon.

So unless you want your fucking ass kicked by him, make sure you give him fake good compliments about his songs in-front of him. lol




Timo, You can buy education but you can’t buy class.






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2 Responses to Timor Jalali will Literally kick yo ass!

  1. Shah says:

    Buddy I think u got way too much free time researching about other people u must be one of those lonely ones ….. Get ur shit together move on do something useful In life where people would say this guy is cool. talking shit about ur own afghan ain’t gonna make u look any cooler mr but downgrading urself showing the class u got and shows where u came from at least care about ur families name …

  2. Aria714 says:

    Shah saahib, you’re an even bigger idiot than Mr. Timothy himself, the poster never claimed to have class or be educated, also, the poster is anonymous so why the hell should they care about “family name” when no names are revealed? Sure, maybe they do have time on their hands, but it’s THIER time and it obviously got your attention and your interest in the post since you used YOUR TIME to post a comment. One more thing, were in 2015 and I’m almost pretty sure ke yak kata sota mardaka astee, let’s express words with how it’s actually spelled and not by letters; example: you, not u.

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