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To Gofta Bodi – Mustafa Jalali

Dear fans?? lol…okay.

A while ago, that status appeared on his Facebook for his ‘Fans’ and the status has mysteriously disappeared from his facebook but not from the claws of Badkadi. He put a review on Farhad Darya’s ass to warn other artists about Farhad Darya’s ass…this is getting too naughty, i am gonna stop it here.


The last guy ‘put a review’ on his ass back! Apparently, he was to sing at that guy’s cousin’s wedding but he wasn’t allowed to travel to Canada for whatever reason and his ass was rejected the day before someone’s WEDDING! The deposit that he took from them wasn’t even returned back to them. He even cursed them over the phone. lol

Then he delivers another comment lol

mustafajalali2Yo, you hear that you dinosaurs! Farhad Darya, Najim Nawabi, Haider Saleem, Ahmad Wali and Akhtar showkat? You better be applying for your taxi licences or your ass is gonna be grass soon.

Well, I thought I should put a review on his ass too.


Right before his video’s release, he felt bad for Farhad Darya and didn’t want him to drive taxi, so he apologized to him.



-Tu gofta budi is hard to understand. I don’t mean it in the sense that a little auto tune is not bad to add, I mean it in the sense that he actually dug a grave, laid his song to rest(rest in peace) and went HAM ON THAT MOTHER FUCKING AUTO TUNE and buried it.

We could say that this song is a piece of art. One of those art pieces that is hard to understand literally, physically, psychologically and being a healthy human being with two functioning ears, two functioning eyes and a large brain the size of Mustafa’s ego. That is a LARGE head, trust me on that. lol


When I first played it, I thought he was singing in Pashto. I was about to call my dad to come and translate it for me in farsi. I then realized that he is singing in English but there is no god damn subtitles. An art piece it is, I am telling you guys.

Does Mustafa have a drivers licence? Is he sitting in of those self driving Google cars? If not, somebody gotta tell him that he is sitting in the passenger’s side and that the damn car doesn’t drive itself. DUH!

So after all that talk, he comes out with a song that is not catchy, hard to understand and a video clip of him chilling at the mall and sitting on the passenger side of his vehicle for the whole time. If you are going to brag about your skills, at least present something watchable not a video shot by your camera phone.







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2 Responses to To Gofta Bodi – Mustafa Jalali

  1. Aria714 says:

    Lmao…THISSSS GUY!!!

    Mustafa sahib, if you’re reading this: 1. You’re NOT an artist (in anyway shape or form); 2. PLEASE OHHH PLEASE do afghan society a favor and don’t sing with English lyrics, you sound like a retard and having someone shoot your “music video” on their iPhone doesn’t count; 3. I get that you’re trying to be “cool” in your video, but you’re tame dadaan and poke garee just make you look like a bigger retard…I’m just saying if that were my video or anyone in my family made a video
    Like that, I’d be embarrassed for myself and them, safe to say I’m embarrassed for you; 4. Last time I checked, LinkedIn was a social networking site for people who have REAL careers, unless najim, habib, ehsan, and haider saleem are have profiles and are going to endorse you, do YOURSELF a favor and just delete that profile altogether because it really is just pointless to have; last but not least, your frog looking ass needs to get off your high horse, you’re not up to par with the talented musicians, those guys have spent 20+ years getting where they are and not a SINGLE one has EVER been disrespectful or unprofessional in their careers with their clients or other musicians…as a matter of fact, my sister booked habib for her wedding and when he couldn’t make it, he was straight up about it AND returned her 50% deposit, so I’m not sure if you kept that person deposit because the taxi business isn’t doing well or you’re just a piece of goh douche bag? Either way, no one likes you and by the way, having “fans” from afghans who came to America 6 months ago doesn’t really count as a fan base either.

  2. EM says:

    Dear Author
    You are an absolute legend.
    Very talented with an amazing writing style.
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face everytime I read one of your articles.
    Keep it up.
    ps this guy is a joke haha sounds like he is having a seizure when he is singing in English lol

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