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Waheda Hakim – Delbar – Rip Qataghani

Damn, its been a long time since I last blogged here.

You guys remember the multi-talented lady who was holding four watermelons in one head? She is a makeup artist, actress, fashion designers and a singer, of course. Here is the link if you don’t remember the seeing the video.

Guess what though? She just released her new hit! I have to review it here cause the Director will report me on Facebook cause it is his ‘property’.

Just have a listen to this piece of crap song. What a waste of everything. I am more curious as to what drives them make songs like these? Is she delusional? Is there a competition between the sisters on how can make the worst songs?

It is no fucking song, it is her speaking the lyrics. This so called multi-talented artist does not write or compose any of her songs(thank god). Can you imagine if she did all of that herself? fuck it, I don’t even feel like writing about her.

Enough of her, the so called ‘Director’ RJstudios who keeps reporting my Facebook videos because I don’t praise his lack of skills in directing anything decent worth watching isn’t any better than her when it comes to ‘art’. I mean a person who reports me for exposing his client’s; Sameera Nasiry’s live singing on stage would have to be in the same hay stack.  lol

His directing skills aren’t any better than a wedding videographer. as a matter of fact, wedding videographers can do better lol. His style is usually throwing the singer in a dark basement with pink lights and a smoke machine with a few white extras in the background. After the basement session, he usually takes them on a walk on a hill with his drone camera going back and forth. How hard can it possibly be to get someone to dance and you shoot them with an expensive drone? Make sure you don’t miss the part where she is on a swing and there is bubbles floating in the air… the fuck is that?


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